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Bumicom enables links between applications. Through the realization of these links, the Interaction Analytics application can be enriched with data. This data can then be used to perform specific analyzes, for example by using special filters. Conversely, external applications can also be enriched with analysis results from the Interaction Analytics application.

Nexidia Data Exchange Framework

The Nexidia Data Exchange Framework makes it possible to enrich the supplied interactions with extra data. This extra data can be, for example, metadata recordings, but also ECHI files and CRM information can enrich the supplied interactions. In addition to these additional data to enrich the interactions, there are many other data that make this possible. Curious which? Please contact Bumicom.

In addition to the Nexidia Data Exchange Framework, Bumicom also uses Nexidia Data Export Utility. Nexidia Data Export Utility makes it possible to exchange data "downstream" in a controlled and secure manner.

The Nexidia Data Exchange Framework makes it possible to process recorded interactions. both speech and text. The Nexidia Data Exchange Framework provides the ability to interact with over 50 different recording systems. Some examples of these recording systems are ASC, EAL, Cybertech, Nice, Verint, Bumicom Storavox, Calabrio, Genesys and RedBox.

The Nexidia solution supports the most common codecs, of course there is a preference for codecs with support for high fidelity voice such as G.711, G.729A, G.722 and GSM. Of course Bumicom also has solutions where MP3 and MP4 files are also supported. However, transcoding often results in a loss of quality and / or speech intelligibility. Based on our knowledge and expertise, we therefore prefer codecs with high fidelity voice.

Text-based interactions must be delivered in an open format such as .txt, .csv, .xml, .html or .eml in order to be processed.

More information about integration options that Bumicom offers? Get in touch with us. We would be happy to discuss with you how we can be of service to you and how we can offer you the best possible integration solution.