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Financial institutions

Financial institutions use voice logging to record and analyze telephone conversations. Voice logging takes place at financial institutions from the point of view of transaction verification, claim settlement and fraud investigation. The emphasis is on compliance with internal and external laws and regulations (WFT, PCI, Frank-Dodd) from regulatory bodies such as the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets, De Nederlandsche Bank, FSA and the SEC.

Bumicom's reliable voice logging solutions integrate with all known ACD, PABX and arbitrage / trading platforms. Our voice logging solutions in combination with integration platforms can be used for recording telephone conversations, screen operations and related information.

Voice logging for financial institutions

Bumicom's voice logging solutions are very reliable and available, making them ideal for financial institutions. Several redundancy concepts are available for very high availability. For the reliability of our solutions, all recordings are provided with SHA-2 fingerprints for authentication and encrypted to prevent manipulation. Access to recordings is strictly secured. The search and playback functionality guarantees fast and complete reconstruction and analysis of communication. Integration with existing IT and storage infrastructure (NAS / SAN) prevents high investments.

Quality monitoring for financial institutions

In addition to voice logging, financial institutions often also use quality monitoring. Quality monitoring is an extension of voice logging. In quality monitoring, the recorded conversations are used for the coaching and training of employees. Screen recording and CRM / ERP integration offer an extra dimension by providing insight into underlying processes and application usage. In order to establish a relationship with customer satisfaction and customer experience, the Quality Monitoring solution can be extended with Customer Feedback modules.

Financial institutions apply Interaction Analytics as part of compliance and Big Data strategy: collecting, analyzing and distributing the information from all multi-channel customer contact (telephone, email, chat, Social Media). Interaction Analytics allows organizations to extract and quantify behaviors and intentions in real time, from the point of view of:

  • Compliance with laws and regulations
  • Sales / marketing and business intelligence
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Process optimization and cost reduction
  • Performance employee

Are you interested in Bumicom's communication solutions and curious about what Bumicom can do for your financial institution? Get in thouch with us. We are happy to discuss which solutions Bumicom can offer your financial institution.