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Customer contact centers

Contact centers use call recording for the registration and analysis of telephone customer contacts from the point of view of compliance (internal and external laws and regulations), transaction verification (recording agreements) and complaints investigation.

Call recording is also a widely used and good way to coach and train the call center employees of your organization. Bumicom offers the Storavox quality monitoring module Webcoach for the training of call center employees. Web coach quality monitoring makes it possible to easily evaluate recorded telephone conversations on the basis of evaluation forms of which your organization determines the content itself. The evaluation forms are easy to set up, in which all kinds of scoring methods, question type and open text fields can be applied to best match your organization and goals. In addition to telephone contacts, screen operations can also be viewed and evaluated in combination with screen recording.

Interaction analytics & big data

Nowadays, big data and interaction analytics are indispensable in our industry. Constantly collecting, analyzing and distributing the information from all multi-channel customer contact (telephone, email, chat, Social Media) has become part of the work of Bumicom, contact centers and many other organizations. Interaction analytics allows organizations to extract and quantify behaviors and intentions from the perspective of:

  • Agent performance
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Process optimization and cost reduction
  • Sales / marketing and business intelligence
  • Compliance with laws and regulations

By combining the information obtained from interaction analytics with other data sources (CRM, ERP, ACD, WFM), the basis is laid for predictive analytics (predicting customer behavior) and real-time management. This information enables contact centers to better adapt activities to customer behavior and improve customer experience

Bumicom supplies voice logging, quality monitoring and interaction analytics solutions that integrate with all known ACD, PABX, CRM and contact center platforms.

Wondering what Bumicom can do for your customer contact center? Get in touch with us. We are happy to discuss which solutions Bumicom can offer your contact center.