Public Safety

Short response times are crucial in mission-critical situations. Communications recording in remote dispatch stations and control centers as well as flexible playback and analysis features can significantly improve reaction times. Bumicom provides the tools to reconstruct complete scenarios for after-the-fact evaluation. This post-event evaluation results in improvements for future missions and generally a higher level of security.

Our recording solutions integrate with all major ACD, PABX and radio (TETRA) platforms to capture, archive and analyze calls, screen activities and related information. Reliable and precise recording combined with fast and intuitive search & (last call) replay applications may make the difference between life and death in emergency situations. Incident reconstruction with concurrent replay of several recordings and their visualization facilitate full analysis and evaluation of an event. We offer flexible storage concepts for a variety of media, including NAS/SAN systems.

Bumicom’s Quality Monitoring and Interaction Analytics offers this industry ways to address their most pressing issues:

Compliance – Automatically detect potential issues during calls and provide rapid access to relevant call segments for teams monitoring high-risk incidents.

Cost to Serve – Rapidly identify unproductive processes and behaviors and understand their root cause and impact through dashboards and analysis tools. Drive improvement through process and coaching changes. Use tools such real time monitoring and agent assist to bring change to the dispatcher and contact center agents level more quickly.