Contact Centers

Companies want to differentiate themselves from competitors, increase efficiency by using IT integrations and, at the same time, keep costs for staff and technology under control. Customers demand excellent service and expert consultation by well trained and motivated agents. Both companies and customers expect continuous quality improvement.

Our recording solutions integrate with all major ACD, PABX, CRM and contact center platforms to capture, archive and analyze calls, screen activities and related information. The fast and efficient search & (last call) replay of recordings is an essential part of every communications recording solution. We offer flexible storage concepts for a variety of media, including NAS/SAN systems.

Quality monitoring provides managements tool to help contact center operators gain systematic insight into the quality of service and the overall business performance by analyzing customer interactions among agents and customers. The internal perspective on quality can be enhanced with the external (customer) view with integrated customer feedback functionality.

Interaction Analytics structures, synthesizes and analyzes multichannel contact center interactions – providing the crucial behavioral data needed to solve business challenges faced by your organization. Addressing these issues, which range from improving customer satisfaction, to maintaining compliance, to improve agent performance, to reducing churn, to increasing sales effectiveness requires sophisticated business intelligence. You need a solution that can draw correlations, uncover trends, drive predictive analytics and solve for root cause. Neural Phonetic Speech Analytics™, smartly combines phonetic indexing and search with Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition “LVCSR” in a way that offers the most scalable, accurate and flexible solution available. This unsurpassed scalability is possible via Nexidia Search Grid™, a MapReduce framework for building distributed interaction analytics applications that allows for volume or retention expansion while still maintaining only one logical instance of the system.

Leverage the Power of Big Data. Structuring 100% of audio recordings adds crucial behavioral data about the customer’s experience to traditional transactional data, increasing the accuracy of predictive models and adding value to other big data applications.