Voice Logging

Bumicom offers solutions for the fast growing market of workforce optimization, encompassing the technologies of recording, quality monitoring, speech analytics and workforce management. The open architecture provides seamless integration with existing IT and telephony networks. This allows investment protection while implementation costs can be reduced to a minimum. We provide innovative solutions to record, analyze and evaluate multimedia-based communications. With our solutions you can analyze agent performance, reveal customer trends and integrate with existing infrastructure, thus enabling companies and organizations to considerably improve their value: • Contact centers enhance customer service, deploy staff more efficiently, increase productivity and improve customer experience. • Financial institutions fulfill documentation requirements, comply to regulations, achieve a higher level of legal security and reduce costs. • First responders and public safety organizations enhance reactivity in emergency situations. The recording solutions support both (mixed) TDM and VoIP/SIP based recording for almost all PBX platforms, ACD’s, trading platforms and radio (dispatch) systems.

Traffic control centers ensure accurate analysis of all incidents. The recording solutions support both (mixed) TDM and VoIP/SIP based recording for almost all PBX platforms, ACD’s, trading platforms and radio (dispatch) systems.  In addition to voice recording, Bumicom offers Screen Recording software to enable selective or continuous recording of screen activity. With synchronized playback of voice and screen activity, a complete view on customer interaction including the administrative handling in ERP / CRM applications and knowledge management systems is gained. With Screen Recording, you evaluate employee knowledge and determine possibilities for improvement. Screen Recording also offers full insight in the user-friendliness of applications and efficiency of business processes. Public Safety and Traffic Control centers also use Screen Recording for incident reconstruction by recording CCTV, video and radar signals. These signals can be combined with multiple data sources (voice recordings, incident management systems) to create a complete and detailed reconstruction of events. The systems can be seamlessly integrated into any IT infrastructure or virtual environment. Depending on requirements, calls can be stored and archived either continuously, selectively according to pre-defined rules, or on-demand. The voice data can be stored on local hard disks or connected NAS/SAN systems. Access to calls and index data is available either over the local network, intranets or the Internet. High data security combined with additional access control mechanisms protect against tampering or accidental deletions. The fast and efficient search & replay of recordings is an essential part of every voice logging solution. The solutions are equipped with an expanded portfolio of search-and replay applications, which can be used without any previous knowledge or special training due to their user-friendly interfaces and intuitive handling.