Radio Management

Genesis radio performance, capacity and network management solutions empower system administrators to monitor, manage and report on Motorola Dimetra TETRA voice and data systems. Genesis pulls together all system wide and inter-agency data to display real time activity, send critical notifications, and archive data for forensic reporting and analysis.

GenGET is the ultimate monitoring, management and reporting enterprise network tool. It captures all information about each call, such as Talkgroup ID, Radio ID, site, channel, type, events, data, time, length and more. GenGET receives data from ATIA, LRRP, UEM, GTP, SNMP and AMNP and distributes filtered data to:
• Databases for archiving
• Agencies for reporting
• GenWatch3 for live monitoring


GenWatch3® ATIA provides a real-time view and historical reports on all ATIA activity. This means channel activity, call packet activity, traffic statistics, and more can be viewed from anywhere. The following reports are available:
• Abnormal End of Calls
• Airtime and PTT per Hour
• Airtime by Minute
• Airtime by Radio ID
• Alias Information (Site, Group, Radio)
• Average PTT Length and PTT per Minute
• Busy Seconds by Hour
• Busy Seconds by Type
• Call Activity
• Call Activity Under XX Seconds
• Database Status
• Detailed Busies
• Detailed DIU Use
• Detailed Site Use
• Emergencies by Talkgroup
• Events by Type
• Group PTT and Airtime by Hour
• Private PTT and PTT Airtime by Hour
• Radio Activity by ID
• Radio Rejects
• Site Affiliation Summary
• Site Channel Summary
• Site Utilization – GoS
• Site Utilization – GoS with Auto Busy Hour
• System Activity
• Talkgroup Affiliation Summary
• Talkgroup Usage Top 20 by Hour
• Total Airtime for 24 Hours
• Total Airtime Top XX Talkgroups
• Unit PTT by Talkgroup

However, in order to understand the effectiveness of GenWatch3 core reports, please consult their website: for a large view of the reports.

The Genesis Manager of Managers provides a single pane of glass view across a multi-technology, multi-vendor network. There is no need to monitor multiple systems. All major network components are consolidated to measure and detect Service Level Agreement compliance. The following components can be measured:
• Radios
• Base stations, sites
• CEN networks
• Voice loggers
• Other servers and applications