Quality Monitoring

Callcenter Quality monitoring or quality management aims at measuring and steering quality as a component of the total Quality Monitoring quality process in a call center.

There are a lot of ways to measure the quality of a Callcenter. Thus it is not uncommon that a callcenter supervisor periodically listens to telephone conversations of employees by sitting besides him or her. There are telephony systems in which is possible to listen to with the employee on distance without disturbing these. This is better known as silent monitoring. It is also possible to hire external parties for quality measuring. By committing mystery calls they can get an impression of the quality of the conversation, such as the time on hold and the number of transfers. All these methods can give an impression of the level of quality. You can put however question signs at the effectiveness and the reliability of these ways of measuring. How objective and consistent is for example the supervisors measuring?

Moreover quality management is an ongoing process. Will the result be measured after every correction? Quality Monitoring is more than making some snapshots. In our opinion Quality Monitoring must be able to measure and improve the quality of all employees of the contact centre, consistently and periodically, as a component of a ongoing quality process.

With our solutions this is possible and objective evaluations of conversations can be carried out for example to stipulate the coaching need of the employees.