Interaction Analytics

Companies have long relied on traditional data sources such CRM, ACD or billing systems to give them information about their customers, agents and the transactions they generate. But they’ve come to realize that having a better understanding of their customers’ journey leads to a better resolution of key business challenges such as higher satisfaction ratings, increased retention or improved sales effectiveness. By capturing, synthesizing and dispersing the intelligence locked away inside the multi-channel interactions being captured by the contact center, companies can complete their big data picture. Bumicom Interaction Analytics extracts and quantifies the behavioral events taking place during these interactions such as competitive mentions, retention attempts, expressions of sentiment or steps towards issue resolution. This information, that isn’t collected through metadata or other sources, gives companies the ability to bring innovative solutions to their business challenges. Through defining and tracking metrics that shape agent performance and business processes, our solution provides the trends, correlations and root-cause analysis you need in order to drive down costs, increase revenue and improve your customers’ experience. This is how it works: