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Text analytics

When an organization offers its customers the opportunity to contact them via a textual customer contact channel, it is interesting to analyze this channel. With text analytics, text of any type of textual customer contact channel can be analyzed. Bumicom offers text analysis solutions for asynchronous communication such as Instant Messaging and synchronous communication such as chat and web chat.

Customer contact via Instant Messaging (IM) or chats and web chats is often recorded and contains valuable information for your organization. Customer contact via IM and chat is an interesting customer contact channel and it offers your organization advantages to analyze the chats within one analysis platform. The analytics platform for textual customer contact is Nexidia interaction analytics.

Text analysis of synchronous and asynchronous chat recording

In Contact Centers, customer contact is handled over various customer contact channels. For example, the customer has the choice to ask her questions via Instant Messaging such as via Facebook Messenger. The content of the chats is interesting to analyze and can provide valuable information for your organization. For example, it can be very valuable for your organization to find out the topics, frequently asked questions, quality of the chats. In addition, it is very interesting to analyze agent communication and suitable channels per subject. As a result, your organization sees opportunities for improvement by, for example, using other customer channels for certain topics for efficiency reasons and improvement opportunities for, for example, chatbots become clear. With text analytics you quickly and easily obtain Actionable Insights and Foresights for optimizing:

  • Customer experience
  • Sales
  • Customer retention
  • Products
  • Compliance
  • The operation
  • Marketing actions
  • Sentiment

Continuous analysis and monitoring of the KPIs and word clouds that are important to you give you insight. Responding directly to a possible new issue can be tested by conducting an ad-hoc analysis.

Would you like more information about the text analytics solutions that Bumicom offers? Get in touch with us. We would be happy to discuss with you how we can be of service to you and how we can offer you the best possible text analytics solution.