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Speech Analytics

Speech analytics software for the analysis of calls

Analyse telephone calls with speech analytics

Bumicom offers your organization speech analytics solutions using Nexidia speech analysis software. With Nexidia's speech analytics software, it is possible to fully analyze recorded customer interactions quickly, accurately and in a structured manner.

Contact center speech analytics

Analyse customer contact with speech analytics

In contact centers, telephony (voice) is the most important communication channel between the customers and employees of the organization. More and more organizations use voice analysis to analyze telephone conversations (and e-mail and chat) and to extract value from the content of these telephone customer contacts. The use of speech analysis provides organizations with answers to questions such as:

  • How do we increase customer satisfaction?
  • How do we make our services more efficient?
  • How do we improve knowledge of customers and markets?
  • How do we monitor trends?
  • Where do we start?

Speech analytics with Bumicom interaction analytics

Gather actionable insight with speech analytics

Bumicom Interaction Analytics offers a unique combination of speech analytics technology and speech analysis method with which organizations can distil valuable information from (telephone) customer contacts. The reasons for applying interaction analytics differ per organization.

Speech analytics use cases

Some common reasons are:

  • Analyzing and optimizing the Customer Journey (multi-channel)
  • Analyzing Call Reasons
  • Analyzing talk time and non-talk time
  • Analyzing repeat traffic
  • Analyzing sentiment
  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • Optimizing processes
  • The reduction of costs
  • The increase in turnover
  • Identifying compliance violations
  • Effective coaching of employees
  • Collecting relevant Business Intelligence

Nexidia speech analytics - Neural Phonetic Speech Analytics™

Monitor trends with speech analytics

Nexidia Neural Phonetic Speech Analytics ™ combines the power of Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition "LVSR" (speech-to-text) and Phonetic Indexing to maximize speech analysis accuracy.

All conversations can be listened to through searches. This is a different approach to the Speech-to-Text principle where the success of the system depends on the accuracy of the dictionary and the transcription. Words from conversations can be combined with metadata and reports can be made on this. This makes it possible to make connections between quantitative parameters (such as talk time and hold time) and qualitative parameters (such as expressions from customers on topics such as your website). By automatically analyzing all customer contacts, Acionable Insights are obtained and you know exactly where the improvement opportunities for your organization are.

By analyzing customer contact with speech analysis, insights are obtained to improve your organization. This includes improving the website, processes, products and services, but also improving the behavior and effectiveness of employees. This ultimately contributes to achieving pleasant customer journeys and positive customer experiences that result in loyal and satisfied customers.

The effect of the implemented improvement actions can be continuously measured with Interaction Analytics speech analysis.

Benefits of speech analytics

  • Are there fewer complaints?
  • Are there more compliments?
  • Is churn decreasing?
  • Does cross and upsell improve?
  • Do the business adjustments lead to an increase in turnover and a reduction in costs?

These types of questions can be answered quickly, easily and accurately with Interaction Analytics speech analysis. The applications of Interaction Analytics are as broad as the mind can tell. Almost every conceivable hypothesis can be tested relatively quickly. For example in the areas of compliance, marketing and quality of processes.

Information about speech analytics

Do you want to use Interaction Analytics speech analysis for your organization? Get in touch for more information or a demo. We would be happy to discuss with you how we can be of service to you and how Bumicom can offer you the best possible speech analysis solution.