Implementation Services
We realize that the deployment of any new system shall not influence, nor effect the quality and efficiency of the mission-critical operations of our customers. We strive to keep our partner’s and customers’ required resources to a minimum by excellent communication, planning & preparation. Our highly skilled and experienced implementation team provides project management, installation, configuration, test & acceptance, documentation and training services that fit your needs.

Customer Support Services
Our solutions have been designed to be highly robust and reliable to ensure business continuity and achieve compliance. Our highly skilled and experienced customer support team provides you with dependable, flexible and efficient support services:
– Helpdesk
– Hotline 24 x 7
– Remote technical support 24 x 7
– On-site technical support 24 x 7
– Continuity solutions
– Spare parts management
– Software Maintenance

Hosted Services
Cloud-based services help organizations to reduce their overall infrastructure investments and offer flexibility in scaling. Bumicom’s (private) Cloud-based deployments of Voice Logging, Quality Monitoring and Interaction Analytics technology deliver advanced functionality without the effort and costs that may accompany premise-based solutions.

Professional Services
During the 35 years of experience, we have collected a very high level of expertise in customizing recording and quality monitoring solutions to fit your specific needs. This includes CTI/CRM and ERP integrations. Our team of highly experienced consultants and software engineers are able to advise, adapt and develop a solution to meet current and future customer requirements.

Rental Services
With our flexible rental services, we are able to provide recording solutions in case of events, large scale incidents or calamities.

Analytics Services
Bumicom’s technology showcases where a need for change exists through analysis of customer communications. However, technology alone cannot prioritize goals or implement a plan for change. Bumicom’s Managed Analytic and Business Services fill that gap. Simply put, Bumicom’s team, knowledge, and technology resources help you move beyond the technology and into business transformation. Companies who take advantage of Managed Services enjoy faster results, lower costs and a faster return on investment than companies who choose to implement and run customer interaction analytics on their own.