Interaction analytics

Bumicom recording and beyond

Bumicom (founded in 1979) provides innovative solutions for recording, evaluation and analysis of communication. Our team provides voice logging, quality monitoring and interaction analytics solutions that support your organization in reconstructing incidents, remain compliant with laws and regulations, monitor transactions, increase customer satisfaction and improve processes. With recording, quality Monitoring and interaction analytics you obtain mission-critical information, the content of communication becomes transparent, you motivate employees, you identify trends and you optimize the customer experience.

Our solutions are suitable for use in multiple industries. Bumicom is ISO27001 certified.


In addition to the Storavox and FlexREC platforms developed in-house by Bumicom, we also supply solutions from market leaders ASC Technologies AG and Nice Nexidia. The solutions are available for "on-premise" implementation and as services from the "cloud".

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Our service

The Bumicom Team is ready to deliver tailor-made solutions for your organization. We take care of the integration and linkage with the systems in your (work) environment.

Bumicom strives for long-term cooperation with customers and partners by providing reliable systems and excellent 24 x 7 support.

More than 500 organizations in the Netherlands and abroad use our solutions every day. Also in the context of national projects such as 1-1-2, C2000, OT2010 and IWR2019.